Sunday, March 25, 2007


"Divers Do It Deeper"

"Firemen Do It Hotter."

"Carpenters Do It On the Table"

"Triathletes Do it Three Different Ways"

"Germans Do it More Efficiently"

"Chinese Do It With Reproductive Restrictions"

"Iraqi Insurgents Do It Violently"

"Koreans Do It In a Culture That Values Family"

"Polacks Do It in a Way That's No Longer Acceptable To Joke About"

"Dentists Do It In the Mouth"

"Optometrists Do It For All to See"

"Pediatricians Do It With Children"

"Medieval Catholics Do It Strictly For Procreation"

"Armored Knights Do It With Protection"

"Commercial Fishermen Do It in Alaska Most of the Year"

"Rapists Do It Non-Consensually"

"Rock Musicians Do It Louder"

"Artists Do It More Starvingly"

"Writers Do It With Rich Characterization"

"Librarians Do It By the Book"

"Veterinarians Do It With Animals"

"Gynecologists Do It With Complete Professionalism"

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