Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Isaac VS Craigslist (MORE!)

More flights of classified-ad fancy, from the world in my head where everything makes me chuckle.

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Date: 2007-07-18, 8:44PM PDT

My husband has recently passed on, and I am selling his old car. I do not know anything about cars, but this one looks pretty fancy. I am not sure what kind it is, the logo is a circle with bars in it--it looks a little like the "peace" symbol that hippies use. On the trunk it says "Kompressor" so I think that is the brand. I have no idea how to find out how old the car is, it might be from 1990 or 1960, I wouldn't know, but when I turn the car on there is a screen in the dashboard that looks like a computer screen, and it has a bunch of computer jargon that I don't understand like "XM" and "HD". Do you know what these mean? If so, maybe this is the car for you! I don't really know what a fair price is for this car, it looks pretty nice but there are some problems, like the tires seem to be much thinner than they should be compared to the hubcaps, and the steering wheel is made out of wood instead of rubber, so I think it might be pretty old.
I saw a car that was about the same size selling for $8,000 at a car lot so I was going to sell it for that amount, but that one was bright red and this one is black, so I'll ask $7,000. If that is too much, please let me know! Thanks!

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17" TV ! Watch your favorite TV shows!!

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Date: 2007-07-18, 8:48PM PDT

17" TV. Screen is not flat, sorry. If I had to describe the screen's shape I would describe it as "slightly convex". Works great, volume goes up and down, channels change, also has knobs that control "color" "tint" and "sharpness", for if you want to make the image blurrier. It also does that cool thing where when you turn it off a white dot stays in the middle for a while, which newer TVs do not do--enjoy some nostalgia! This TV is good for watching anything you want to watch--sitcoms, news, soap operas, movies, it will work for all of these. I'm asking 30$, but make me an offer! (I will not accept any offers less than 30$)

seattle-tacoma craigslist > seattle > electronics

Memorex Blank CDrs, 50 packs! - $22

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Date: 2007-07-18, 8:53PM PDT

High quality blank CDs for burning music, data, etc. I buy these packs at Office Max for 20$ each, I am selling them for only 22$ each, so I am barely even making a profit.

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Looking to trade-- pressure washer for Anne Geddes art

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Date: 2007-07-18, 8:57PM PDT

I have a newer pressure washer, only used about 5 times, in great condition, nozzle is clean, pressure is still very strong, motor usually starts with one pull. Looking to trade for Anne Gedde's prints, preferably the ones where the babies are inside vegetables, not so much the flower ones.

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