Thursday, January 17, 2008


Does it really not bother you that car companies refer to their cars "by name", without using articles like "the"?

It's so subtle you can easily miss it, but pay attention next time you hear a car commercial. You'll hear something like, "Tundra features the latest in�" and "Come test drive Camry today�"

That's right. Not "the Camry"---just "Camry." As if they are not objects, but people.

When was the last time you said to someone, "Hey, Accord blew a head gasket so I'm gonna take her into the shop, can I hang out with Civic for a few days?" This, folks, just doesn't happen. Automakers have obviously gone mad with power and believe they are creating living things. Face reality, Honda, Toyota, Chevy, you are not the All Spark. When your cars can stand up, walk, and shoot missiles, then you may drop the "the" and call them by name, but not a goddamn minute sooner!

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