Wednesday, July 2, 2008

A Chase Sequence, plus "Isaac Updates"

Opening vignette:

Isaac is approaching street corner occupied by man with clipboard, hawking some kind of environmental cause. Man is seeking email addresses and donations Isaac can't afford.

Isaac's favorite coffee shop is on corner. He has been nimbly avoiding man for several weeks.

As he draws nearer, Isaac glances around and spots another passerby approaching from opposite street. Isaac slows pace, calculating scenario.

Passerby's speed � Passerby's distance to hawker X diameter of hawker's attention range -1 mph = Correct Walking Speed for Isaac

Isaac holds back slightly, and just before Isaac steps into hawker's range circle, hawker spins around and ensnares Passerby. While Passerby struggles to escape, Isaac passes through hawker's corner unaccosted, and continues on to coffee shop.

Oh Passerby. If only you had paid more attention in Geometry and Physics.

Now a few little updates about what is going on with me, if you care. If you don't care, you can go here.


I have been taken on as a client of L.A based manager, Brooke Ehrlich. She has referred The Inside to a New York literary agent who she thinks will be interested in signing me. He's currently reviewing it, and I'm crossing my fingers that he likes it. If he signs me, I think there's a pretty good chance he'll be able to get it published. This is a pretty big deal for me, since it's the first time I've ever had professional representation, and the first time I've ever had legitimate industry people backing me. Exciting times for a starving broke-ass writer.


I'm about to release a graphic-novel version of my short story, Young Ghost Anna. This is more or less the same story, but Sarah Musi has illustrated the entire thing with lush, intricately detailed ink drawings. The caliber of artistry she brought to this book completely took me by surprise, it looks amazing, and the artwork really captures the feelings of the story. The book will be printed on rich, art-grade paper, and is going to be beautifully bound in thick, textured watercolor stock. Everything inside will be visually arresting, from the old-fashioned print press font to the poetry-style text layout to the 25 full-page drawings and 21 mini-illustrations that accompany the story.

I'm currently working on combining the art and the text, then it's off to the printers. The book should be available within a couple weeks, then I will have pictures and previews up for you all.

At the same time, I am working on my next MAJOR project, which is a "cinematic novel" loosely based on my short story, I Am a Zombie Filled With Love. This new story involves an existentially frustrated zombie who captures a young Living girl during a feeding raid, and falls in love with her. Can this star-crossed romance find a way to bridge the gap between youthful passion and undead disillusionment? Life and lifelessness? Teeth and shotguns? Hmm.

(Note: "Cinematic novel" means a novel brought to life with photography involving real locations, sets, and "actors" instead of drawings)

More news to come as it develops!


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