Wednesday, December 10, 2008


Well friends, it's finally happened. My first (probably first of many) run-in with censorship. Yesterday I posted a video trailer for my book, WARM BODIES, on Youtube. It featured a lonely zombie wandering through a deserted city while a soft Frank Sinatra ballad plays on the soundtrack, attacking a living person, and then offering some leftovers (a severed arm) to his two children. The arm was played by a plastic prop I bought from a costume store, and the children were played by my kindergarten niece and nephew. Their parents are divorced and they live with my sister. My sister saw this video for what it was--a whimsical, sad, slightly funny vignette promoting a life-affirming book about zombies. My brother in law, though, as the parent of the kids in question, saw it differently, and was very disturbed by it. So I had to take it down. So, no more book trailer. Sadface. But oh well, I had another, longer one in the works anyway. Stay tuned.

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