Wednesday, February 25, 2009

"The Hole in the Lake" -- new story

This is kinda dark...

Friday, February 20, 2009

Dinosaur Ethics

I�m in a visit, and I just watched the craziest most morally conflicted Land Before Time movie ever.

Get this�Littlefoot and the other kids make friends with a Sharptooth! It�s a baby Sharptooth, and apparently when they�re young, Sharptooths are still anthropomorphized, so they have big eyes and are capable of love and hugs. But of course, the ever-bitchy Cera does not approve of this, saying that they have to get rid of him because Sharptooths (Sharpteeth?) are �different�. Littlefoot argues that just because they�re �different� doesn�t mean they shouldn�t accept him.

Ok, I see the morals at play here. Pretty basic stuff.

But oh, it�s not so simple!

Because pretty soon they�re all being chased by REAL Sharptooths, the grownup kind with the red eyes and the roaring and the biting� So then we have to wonder�is Cera right? Are Sharptooths innately evil? Will cute little baby Chomper grow up to be a devouring villain no
matter how much love the kids show him? Is evil based on nature or nurture?

(spectacles on)

(tweed jacket on)


While The Land Before Time films have always been rich in symbolism and social commentary, the Sharptooths present a particularly complex moral dilemma. For, despite the series' recurrent themes of tolerance, kindness, and accepting "Otherness", the Sharptooths are presented as irredeemable. No lesson about prejudice here--the Sharptooths ARE, in fact, BAD. The introduction of Chomper as an example of Sharptooths being capable of goodness is unconvincing, because since his parents are non-anthropomorphic monsters bent on murdering and eating Littlefoot and Co, it's implied that sooner or later Chomper will become just like them, whether through nature or nurture. This film is clearly unprepared to deal with the social and racial issues this raises, leaving one to wonder if, perhaps, with the introduction of Chomper, The Land Before Time may have bitten off more than it can chew.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009


Warm Bodies is sold out.

Thank you everyone who stepped up to support me on this project! The response has been unbelievable.
If you missed out...pray for a speedy publishing deal!



Thursday, February 12, 2009

WARM BODIES arrives!

NOTE: Since this is the 3rd result on Google searches for Warm Bodies, I'm making a couple addendums. Warm Bodies is out now from Atria Books. Watch the trailer here:

And buy the book here:

Now back to the post...

Alright guys, the wait is over. After almost exactly 9 months of labor, the book has emerged, hot and wet and slimy.

I shipped it to your asses this morning. Everyone who ordered before today, expect a book in your box within a week or two. If you haven't gotten it after two weeks (except you, international orders! You have to wait.) email me, because my shipping system is about as sophisticated as the post office in the Flintstones, so it's entirely likely that I screwed up a few orders.

A couple notes on this book:

1. There is no connection between this Julie and the Julie from The Inside. Julie from The Inside will be renamed if that book is ever published, I just needed to use the name for this character in Warm Bodies, for various reasons I won't bother to explain.

2. If you're a graphic design aficionado, please don't scoff at me for how the right side of the cover is cut really close to the text and other elements. The printers drastically overshot the bleeds on this. It still looks decent, buyers, but please don't diss my graphixxx skillz because of this! It wu'nt me!

3. I owe a huge debt to Laurie Webb, who was my editor-for-hire, and made critiques that led to a vastly better final draft. If any of you people out there are writing a novel or a screenplay and you want creative feedback from someone who understands storytelling, who gets what you're trying to do, and is able to articulate exactly what's good about it and exactly what needs a boost, you have to send her your stuff. It's not cheap, but she is the real deal, she has worked in the entertainment industry for years, worked with Sydney Pollack, and Damon Lindeloff of LOST, and she knows her stuff. At first I was terrified and very skeptical of the idea of getting professional critiques, but talking to her about my book was a unique and awesome experience that still makes me giddy when I think about it, and the book wouldn't be half as good as it is now if I hadn't gone to her. I had to give her this shout-out because I'm still floored at how cool she was to work with and how much she's improved my writing.
Her site is

Final note:
Unlike what I did with The Inside, I will NOT be printing any additional copies of Warm Bodies, ever. When these copies sell out, you won't see this book again until you hopefully see it in bookstores someday.
As of today, I have exactly NINE copies still available, out of the original 100.
So, final notice, and after this post I will shut up about this forever--if you want to read it, act now.

I love you all,


Monday, February 9, 2009


Just a few more days till Warm Bodies arrives. Here's one more silly doo-dad for you guys to roll your eyes at while you wait.

Friday, February 6, 2009

(Kindof) New Story (Kindof)

I found this lightly aged story today and realized I never posted it to my Fiction page here, so most of you probably never saw it. I edited it a little and put it up there today for your potential enjoyment. It's an odd one, more of a "scene study" than a proper story, but I liked it and decided to post it while we wait for the printers to spit out Warm Bodies.

Speaking of which....Warm Bodies is at the printers as we speak. I am supposed to have 100 copies in hand by next Thursday, and should be shipping the preorders that same day. If you haven't preordered and you think you want to read this book, keep in mind that of those 100 I only have about 15 copies still unclaimed. No pressure. But act now.



Sunday, February 1, 2009

NEW STORY - "Blind Date"

Book update:

WARM BODIES is finished.
I'm taking it to the printers tomorrow. They should be done with it in a week or two, so expect to be receiving your copy mid-february.

Also, I wrote this story yesterday: