Sunday, March 22, 2009

Sunday Night - OR - How I Almost Got in a Fight and Kissed Someone's Girlfriend at a Barry Manilow Concert

What do you do when a beautiful buxom blonde invites you to a Barry Manilow concert in the VIP box for free? You go to the Barry Manilow concert and almost get in a fight with a middle aged couple sitting nearby because they keep shushing you for talking during the songs even though it�s an arena show and it�s very loud but apparently this Barry Manilow concert is the highlight of their miserable lives because they are treating it like a religious ceremony and when you try to mildly reason with them the man makes as if to get out of his seat and says, �Oh are you a tough guy? Are you a tough guy?�

Then you drink six whiskey gingers and watch an orange, oompa-loompian Manilow gyrate through a few hits before you leave the arena with the buxom blonde who on the way out tells you she wants to make out with you which never happens because her boyfriend unexpectedly shows up at the bar you stopped at several blocks away and angrily takes her home so you just go back to your apartment and hang your blue �ULTIMATE MANILOW� glowstick on your wall and call it a good night.


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