Thursday, April 23, 2009

Dream Latency

Here's something weird and trippy and weird I've been experiencing lately:
I'm in a dream. The dream suddenly starts to get scary and then something abrupt and shocking happens in the dream, an explosion or a monster or something. A split second later I jolt awake to something abrupt and shocking happening in real life. My phone rings, someone knocks on my door, the camera tripod by my bed falls over and crashes against my bed. (Don't ask why the tripod is there, it's not what you think!)

But I'm not waking up AS the shocking event is happening. I'm waking up slightly BEFORE.

Now I'm not going to propose that I'm dreaming a couple seconds into the future. But is there some kind of "latency" going on here? Some time lag between my conscious and subconscious? Is my real-world sensory input actually "buffering" in my brain so that when I wake up, the playback doesn't happen till slightly later? Hence, my dream reality reacting to external events BEFORE I actually perceieve those events happening?

This is still pretty fascinating to think about, but in my semi-conscious stupor this morning it was truly mind-blowing. Suggestion: Go to sleep, then wake up and read this again. Also maybe smoke some marijuana.


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