Friday, May 8, 2009

Poop Land

Actual dialogue between me and two children in my car:

Me: Ok guys I'm rolling up the windows now.

Damien(3): No!!

Alex(5): Nooo!!

Me: It's too cold!

Damien: You MEAN Isaac! Me hit you!

Alex: Yeah Isaac you're mean.

Me: Come on, we're on the freeway, it's too cold and windy.

Damien: Me shoot you!

Me: No, come on now.

Alex: Yeah me and Damien are going to shoot you!

Damien: Yeah me and BuhBuh shoot you and cut you in half and eat you!

Me: Woah! You're gonna EAT me??

Damien: Yeah! Me put you in toilet and flush you!
(erupts into laughter)

Alex: (erupts into laughter)

Me: That's a bit harsh.

Damien: Me flush you! Me flush you Isaac!

Alex: Wait but he won't fit in the toilet.

Me: Yeah, exactly.

Damien: We have to just put your foot in toilet.

Me: No. I don't want to go in the toilet, it's gross. There's poop in there.

Damien: (erupts into laughter)

Alex: (erupts into laughter)

Damien: You go in the toilet with poo poo!

Me: If you flush me down the toilet I'm taking you both down with me.

Damien: No!

Alex: No!

Me: Yes. While I'm spinning around in there I'm gonna grab your legs and drag you down with me to Poop Land.

Damien: No YOU go to Poop Land!

Me: No YOU go to Poop Land!

Damien: No YOU!

Me: I'm taking you with me to Poop Land, where everything is poop.

Damien: Nooo!!

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