Thursday, August 12, 2010

Do Nerds Dream of Nerdy Sheep?

I had a really obvious, heavy-handed dream last night. Usually they're more oblique, but this one didn't bother with subtlety. I went to bed with two things weighing on my mind:

1. Problems with my printer and difficulties designing a cover for Flashlights in the Basement. 
2. My first major interview about Warm Bodies with a British sci-fi magazine called SFX.

What was my dream about? Part 1 involved me struggling to print out a portrait of Lieutenant Worf and mount it inside a picture frame that kept changing size and defying geometry. Part 2 involved an alien race deciding that humanity was unfit to live and threatening to wipe us out unless my friend Erin and I could write an essay convincing them that we are actually pretty cool. So they abducted us to their planet and set us up in a newsroom type office, and for a while I thought it was kind of an honor that they thought I was a good enough guy to speak for humanity, that they must kinda respect me, but the alien they assigned to oversee us--played by Party Down's Adam Scott--was a total dick about it and it became pretty clear pretty quickly that they didn't respect me at all and saw me as some kind of repulsive lab animal. 


So yeah, pretty cliche dreams, subconscious. Way to point a blinking arrow at my two biggest stressors and not-so-subtly underline my insecurities. I have diarrhea today, what am I going to dream about tonight? Having diarrhea?

Stupid subconscious.

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