Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Women's Age

When a woman tells you her age, do you act surprised or nonchalant?

If you act surprised, she may find it insulting, as if you're saying "God, I can't believe how OLD you are!" instead of what you really mean, which is "God, I can't believe how young you look for your age!"

If you act nonchalant, she may find it insulting, as if you're saying, "Yeah...that sounds about right."

No-win scenario?

Also, what is the approximate age when you should never ask? Because if a girl's in her 20s, this is important information for getting to know her. Is she just out of high school and starting her college life, or is she deep into a career, possibly married and divorced already? I want to know these things, but I always feel vaguely inappropriate asking due to the silly social idea that women are supposed to be young, young, young, and then abruptly die of old age.

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